Curved Patio Doors Review - Adam Nicholls

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Curved Patio Doors (6 panel)

After spent many hours designing a beautiful Kitchen with curved drawers and end cupboards, we needed ensure the extension to howse it also fitted and 5 meter wide curved sliding patio door was a perfect match, especially when everyone else was just have fold back doors. Having discussed the technical aspects with Balcony and learned about the curved sliding door system we had our solution. Up to then, we had not been able to find an answer to the structural curves in glass/aluminium that would suit the span of glass we were looking at. There were no end of questions by the contactor fitting the doors but Balconette were always available and Effi seemed to personally involved with the project i felt they were as passinate about the doors and my project as i was Although initially worried about shelling out the total cost with the order before i had even recieved anything, the company was fair and never went back on its promises of delivery and quality
Adam Nicholls