Types of Glass Balustrades

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Choose a Balcony Systems glass balustrade combination that best meets your needs in terms of style, cost and design.


Orbit Balustrade System

Balcony System Traditional handrail


This system allows for up to 3.3m of glass without posts when it is fixed between walls. When posts are required, they can be up to 1.9m apart


Aerofoil Balustrade System

Balcony System aerofoil handrail


This system has a unique and stylish aerofoil-shaped handrail. It allows for 4.0m of glass without posts when fixed between walls and when posts are required, they can be up to 2.1m apart.

SG12 Frameless Glass Balustrades - Above Floor Level

Balcony System gs12 above floor level


The SG12 Fully Frameless system allows for 100% uninterrupted views without even a handrail line. There are no limitations of lengths or sizes and requires no posts or handrails at all.


SG12 Frameless Glass Balustrades - Below Floor Level

SG12 Frameless Glass Balustrades Below Floor Level


Frameless glass balustrades for balconies, a decking area or mezzanine create an almost invisible barrier between the viewer and the view.

Frameless Glass Balustrades with Top Rail - Above Floor Level

SG12 Frameless Glass Balustrades with Top Rail Above Floor Level


The Frameless glass balustrade with top rail has only a beautifully designed elliptical handrail on top and uses 15mm clear toughened glass.


Frameless Glass Balustrades with Top Rail - Below Floor Level

SG12 Frameless Glass Balustrades with Top Rail Below Floor Level


The Frameless glass balustrade with top rail has only a beautifully designed elliptical handrail on top and uses 21.5mm clear toughened glass.


When the glass of a balustrade is not just used as an infill panel but as the actual structure of the balustrade it is often referred to as a structural glass balustrade or, as we do here, a frameless glass balustrade. It’s strength comes from a strong base that firmly clamps the glass panels, which are themselves thick and strong enough to cope with the pressures and loads imposed on them.


Simply choose the model that best represents the shape of the balustrade you want and get a price in less than a minute.

If the shape you want does not exist, you can create a custom quote online.

Balcony Systems 1 sectionBalcony Systems 2 sectionsBalcony system 3 sections

Balcony Systems 4 section Balcony Systems 5 sectionBalcony System curved


The carefully designed and engineered profiles of Balcony Systems anodised aluminium handrails are key to the strength of our glass balustrades. They come in different styles depending on which of the four models above you choose. For the available styles click through to the details of each balustrade type above or watch the video above. They are available in 4 standard colour finishes:

All finishes come with Balcony Systems' 10 year Guarantee.

glass balustrades


For the glass for your balustrade, choose between clear and four tints:

  • Clear un-tinted
  • Green
  • Bronze
  • Grey
  • Blue


The Balcony Systems glass balustrade is a unique balustrade system, using the combined strength of the precision-engineered handrail profiles, frame, base and the strength of the glass. It allows wider spans of glass than similar balustrade systems.

The Balcony Traditional Glass Balustrade described above can be used on stairs with a 70mm diameter handrail and our square Newel post.


We have created a unique and very durable coating for glass known as BalcoNano®. It transforms its surface architecture from a hydrophilic (water-attracting) into a hydrophobic (water-repelling) surface. You can follow this link to find out more about the BalcoNano coating for our balustrades.

Treating the glass for your balustrade or bannister with Balcony Systems BalcoNano protective coating costs a little more but the benefits are:

  • Protects the glass from dirt, grime and other contaminants
  • Forms a hard water-repellent surface on the glass
  • Reduces the required frequency of cleaning by between 50% and 90%
  • Eco-friendly - eliminates need for harsh chemical cleaners
  • Increases impact & scratch-resistance
  • Makes the glass surface graffiti-proof
  • Keeps glass looking new for longer
  • Completely invisible
glass balustrades


  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • East to fit
  • Uses no glass clamps
  • Requires fewer or no posts
  • No corner posts
  • Super strong and tested balustrade system
  • Has a proven track record
  • Very reasonably priced
  • In full compliance with current building regulations

If you have any questions or uncertainties or would like to really button down the options available to you and their cost, then please contact Balcony Systems now.

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