Glass Balustrade on Stairs

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How to use the Balcony Systems Glass balustrade on stair runs. Two options of posts. How a Newel post is used in the system to change directions and heights. Maximum spans and lengths achievable.

Can the Balcony Balustrade System be used on stairs?

The Balcony 1 System can be used on stairs using our seventy two by seventy two millimetre (72X72mm) newel posts.

The principle of the system remains the same. Using the combined strength of the precision engineered handrail profiles and the strength of the glass.

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So, how does it work?

Newel posts are installed at the top and bottom of the stair runs. If the run is more than 2.7m then additional posts need to be installed in the middle of the run.

The newel posts are made from two parts. A primary steel post that is installed at the first stage, so that the base plate can be covered by the finished floor. This primary post is covered by the system newel post which is a 72mm X 72mm square post that slides on top of the primary post.

The handrails are then then fixed to these newel posts. The handrail height on the stairs needs to be 900mm and on the landing the height needs to be 1100mm, this newel posts system allows for one side to be fixed at 900mm high and the other at 1100mm. Glasses are fixed between the handrail and the bottom rail with clean lines that do not have any ugly clamps or lugs.

The newel posts can be replaced with the regular system 55mm posts where a change of height is not required. Where 55mm posts are used the maximum span allowed between posts in 1.9m. 


For more information on exact spans, limits and parameters of handrails and posts view the video on Balcony System Generic calculations explained, maximum spans, posts distances and limitations.