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Frameless Glass Balustrades Installation

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SG12 Installation Instructions

Semi Frameless Glass Balustrade Installation

Fully-Framelass System

Before you start:

  • Check you have all the parts of the order.
  • Check the height of the glass.
  • Check that the height of the glass, base channel and handrail (if applicable) conform to the drawings and the required height on site making sure they are correct before assembling.
  • Read and understand these instructions before starting installation.

Base Track Assembly:

  • Prepare to assemble the base track corners and/or straight joins (if applicable).
  • Slide the corner bracket into one of the base track sections.
  • Tighten the screws.
  • Apply a bead of silicone to the cut end of the base track.
  • Slide the other side of the base track onto the exposed corner bracket.
  • Hold the corner or join closed and tighten the screws.
  • In this fashion place all the sections in position and assemble all the base track sections together and ensure the dimensions and shape fit.
  • Using the appropriate fixings, fix the base track firmly to the structure ensuring it is level.
  • If the fixings are in the centre of the rail use silicone to seal around the fixings to prevent resin escaping during the resin pour.
  • Once the full track is installed, check that there are no visible holes, open corners or missing end caps where resin will be able to escape from. This is easier to spot before glasses are inserted.

Glass Installation:

  • If the fixings are central place enough spacers for the glass to clear the bolt heads (Usually a stack of 4 x 5mm packers), two stacks per glass panel.
  • If the fixings are on the side of the track, place a stack of 2 x 5mm packers, two stacks per glass panel.
  • Insert a glass panel into the basetrack.
  • Add extra packers if needed to level the glass and reach the required system height.
  • Insert vertical packers (to the side of the glass) to hold the glass vertically stable.
  • Insert the next glass panel into the basetrack and use vertical packers to hold the glass vertically stable.
  • You can use two pieces of wood to clamp the two glasses together on the heights.
  • In this fashion insert all the glass panels of the system one at a time stabilising and clamping it temporarily to the previous panel.
  • As required now adjust the height, level and spacing of the glass panels to your required end resulting position.
  • Use the vertical packers and any additional packers under the glass that may be required. Clamp and wedge all the glasses so there can be no movement until completion of the resin cure.
placing the glasses glasses held together ready for resin glasses together ready for resin glasses with resin
Special cut out for gulley pouring the resin complete grass balustrade after resin semi frameless glass balustrade

Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade Installation

Fully-Frameless Glass Balustrade Installation

Semi Frameless System

Handrail Assembly:

  • Prepare to assemble the handrail corner (if applicable).
  • Slide the corner bracket into one of the handrails.
  • Tighten the screws.
  • Slide the mitre protection plate onto the exposed corner bracket.
  • Slide the handrail onto the exposed corner bracket.
  • Tighten the screws.


  • Prepare to assemble the handrail straight joint (if applicable).
  • Slide the bracket into one of the handrails.
  • Tighten the screws.
  • Slide the handrail onto the exposed bracket.
  • Tighten the screws.


  • In this fashion assemble all the handrail parts and sections together.

Handrail Installation

  • Apply a thick bead of silicone to the top of the glass panels.
  • Place thin plastic packers onto the silicone at 400 - 500mm centres.
  • Gently place the handrail onto the top of the glass panel ensuring it is perfectly level.
  • Use rubber gaskets provided between the handrail and the glass.

Once glasses are all level and true and the handrail is installed (if applicable), you are ready to resin the glass into the basetrack.

Frameless Glass - How to Hold Two Glasses Together for Lining Up

Protection and masking:

  • Apply masking tape onto the glass panel level to the top of the glass trough.
  • Apply masking tape to the top of the glass trough.
  • Protect any area around the track where resin mix may flow or overflow onto or into.

Resin information and storage:

Please note that the resin consists of two materials, the Base and Activator. These are supplied in the correct ratio between them and this must not be altered, use complete sets; one activator container for one base container. It is important to mix the two parts very well and thoroughly as explained below.

The two materials once in contact with each other create a chemical reaction; the speed of this reaction is affected by temperature. Do not mix or apply the resin if the outside temperature is below 5°C. Application when outside temperature is over 25°C can lead to an accelerated gelling time.

Please store the resin mix components in a dry space, the recommended storage temperature is 15 – 25°C.

Continuous low temperature (sub-zero) on the Activator component may lead to crystallisation (product starts to turn to a solid and can be difficult to return back to a liquid). Do not store the resin in sub-zero temperatures (for example leave in the car or outside on site in the colder months).

Resin Mixing:

STEP 1. Both materials should be thoroughly homogenised prior to use. Meaning rotate the closed tins and container so the material inside gets a good mix before opening the containers. Periods of storage can lead to a degree of settlement and so this step is required.

STEP 2. Slowly add the Activator to the Base component stirring gently, scraping the sides and bottom of the container to ensure a homogenous mixture. Once the Activator is added in entirety stir for at least 2 minutes.

STEP 3. The resin system is now ready for use.

  • Gelling time is appx 20 - 30 mins at 25°C, gelling time will be longer when colder and faster when hotter.
  • Curing time is appx 24 - 48 hours.

Resin Pouring:

  • Pour resin along the glass trough to fill the void between the glass and base track to the top of the glass trough. It is usually best to pour in the gaps between the glasses. The mixed resin compound is quite viscous but is liquid enough to be able to be poured and slowly level itself.
  • As the curing time is 24 - 48 hours, the installation should not be disturbed during this time for the resin to cure completely before removing the masking and framing.
  • If excess resin mixture pours onto the glass or track, let it dry and cure at which time it will be easy to remove, do not wipe while still wet.

Finalising the Installation:

  • After 24 - 48 hours examine the resin and ensure it has completely cured.
  • Once the resin has completely cured remove all additional supports added to the glasses and the masking materials.
  • If installing below the finished floor level complete the flooring to finalise your installation.

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