Balconette's Two Part Post System

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How the Balcony Systems unique two part post system works. How the post are installed and why they are so important and unique. Made from two parts, steel and aluminium they work to give the required strength for the glass balustrade that they support.

How the Balcony Systems’ posts work

The Balcony Systems’ Glass Balustrade is not only unique in the way the handrail and corners work – but also in the way posts are used. Our balustrade system combines the strength of a structural steel primary post with a slick and neat aluminium profile post.

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The System posts are made from two parts. The first part that is known as the primary post and the second part is known as the cover post.

The Primary Post

Steel is three stronger than aluminium – this is why galvanized steel is the material of choice for the primary posts .We call this the Primary post as this is usually installed at an early stage in the process, fixed to the structure below the finished floor level .

This post system is telescopic and the final finished floor height is not required to be known at this stage. Early installation also allows any water proofing or sealing to be done as part of the waterproofing works on the roof or balcony. This allows for great flexibility of design and allows achieving a great structural fix at the outset. The build-up of the floor and all elements can then be finished.

The cover posts

The cover posts are supplied and installed as part of the installation of the Balcony System Glass Balustrade. A thick bead of sealant is applied to the primary post before sliding the cover post onto it. This performs two important actions:

  • when the sealant has set this glues the two elements very strongly together leaving no room for movement
  • this isolates the two materials so there is no direct contact between them

The cover posts slide exactly over the primary posts. The cover posts are manufactured to the finished height of the balustrade, the telescopic effect allows for all the tolerances required. On occasion the primary post cannot be fixed below the finished floor level. In these case cover plates can be supplied to cover the base plate of the post.


This unique two part post system is:

  • Practical
  • Strong
  • Aesthetic
  • Allows large spans between posts – about twice as wide as any other system will allow

For more exact information on allowable post spans, limitations and parameters view the video on Balcony System Generic calculations explained, maximum spans, posts distances and limitations.

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