Glass Balustrades - General Introduction

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How Balcony Systems Glass Balustrade system works; what makes it different from other glass systems and so unique. why it is so strong and requires few, if any, posts.

An introduction to Balconette's Hybrid Glass Balustrade System

This system is a truly unique glass balustrade system that uses the combined strength of the precision engineered handrail profiles in tandem with the strength of the glass.

Utilizing the strength of the handrail is a novel and ground breaking approach to balustrading.

It is also a wonderful way of achieving wide spans of glass that do not need posts without reverting to expensive structural glass systems.

So how does it work?

The system is based on the following principles

  • Fixing the handrail to the wall allows us to utilize the strength of the profiles
  • Clear glass to glass corners act to support the opposite sides of the corner
  • The glass is bonded to the rails along the handrail and the bottom rail

Using this design philosophy the system can span as much as four metres without posts.

The glass to glass corners act as points of support and when the corners are at 90 degrees these are considered the same as wall fixings, allowing similar spans between the corners.

When the length of the required runs are longer than the handrail can support alone, vertical posts are introduced.

These posts are clean, neat and tidy. Without any ugly clamps or lugs.

Posts, when required, are needed only every two metres (2.0m) approximately.

How does the Balcony system compare with structural glass?

There are several elements to the Balcony System Glass balustrade system that should be considered in comparison with structural glass.

The system does not have a big “U” channel that needs to be preinstalled under floor level or cladded.

The Balcony system weighs less than half of what a structural glass system weighs; making it easier to handle but also imposes less design load onto the structure.

The system uses 10mm glass. 10mm glass, unlike 15 or 19mm required in structural glass, does not have the heavy “fish tank” greenish tint of the structural glass systems.

Not only is it easy to install, the balcony system also typically costs a fraction of structural glass.

The Balcony system is also easy and cost efficient to achieve in a curved configuration.

This system is the perfect choice for a durable and great looking balustrade solution.

The system is supplied either powder coated, anodized or with the unique Royal Chrome finish that can stand up to the most corrosive marine conditions and remain beautifully finished.

Glasses can be supplied with the BalcoNano® protective and self-cleaning coating. Reducing cleaning and preserving the glass surface and shine.

For more information on exact spans, limitations and parameters of handrails and posts view the video on “Balcony System Generic calculations explained, maximum spans, posts distances and limitations”