Glass Balustrade Prices

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Glass balustrade prices, starting from £176 + VAT per metre, and the many options are fully explained: Balcony 1 and Balcony 2 models, frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrades.

Frameless Glass Balustrade Prices

The glass balustrade option with no frame is the most expensive. Why? As there are no metal supports, a much thicker, stronger and heavier piece of glass needs to be clamped only at the bottom of the balustrade and held completely secure. The glass is 21.5 mm thick, laminated and toughened. The advantages are no limits to the width of the balcony but more importantly, there are no handrails or supports to block the views.

The underlying structure that supports the frameless glass balustrade needs to be much stronger to support the glass, which can add to the cost but yield a better view.

Glass balustrades prices for the frameless glass balustrade system start at £317 + VAT per metre. Click here for a quotation

Frameless Glass Balcony

Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade Prices

Our semi-frameless glass balustrade only has a handrail but no vertical posts. This option uses 15 mm clear toughened glass. There are no limits to the length or sizes of the glass balustrade, which is supported from the top and the bottom of the balustrading structure.

Glass balustrades prices for the semi-frameless systems start at £317 + VAT per metre. Click here for a quotation

semi-frameless glass balustrades

Balcony 1 Glass Balustrade Prices

Here the prices for balustrade glasing drop considerably, due to our innovative system of supporting the glass with minimal upright posts that are clad with anodised aluminium to look fabulous, while needing virtually no maintenance. Using aluminium keeps the whole balcony system lightweight but also very attractive, due to the finishes we can apply.

The most popular finish is our proprietary Royal Chrome, which looks like stainless steel but unlike the metal it mimics, it doesn’t actually stain.

Our Balcony 1 model has a classic-looking rounded handrail.

Glass balustrades prices for the Balcony 1 system start at £197 + VAT per metre. Click here for a quotation

Balcony 2 Glass Balustrade Prices

This is our most popular glass balustrade system due to the modern aerofoil shape of the handrail. It is also our least expensive glass balustrading system.

Both the Balcony 1 and Balcony 2 models are super-strong and supportive, complying with all building regulations while being less heavy than the frameless or semi-frameless models. Both models come with 10 mm toughened or 9.5mm toughened and laminated glass, which means less weight and expense needed for the underlying support.

Glass balustrade prices for the Balcony 2 systems start at £176 + VAT per metre. Click here for a quotation

Glass balustrade prices vary due to the many options available, including our gorgeous bespoke curved glass balustrade systems, handrails in white, silver, bronze or Royal Chrome, plus 4 tints available in the glass.  Request a quote today!

glass balustrades

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