Glass Balustrades for stairs and raked runs

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Designed for Balconies but can be used on stairsBalustrade Stairs

Our unique balustrade system has been born from on-site experience of installing balconies, designed with that purpose in mind it is a truly ground breaking system with many, many advantages that are both solution-solving but also easy to install.

We get frequent requests to also use the system on stair runs, whether these are adjacent to a balcony, or totally separate. The handrails on our systems are wide, 70mm on balcony 1 system and 116mm on balcony 2 system, they are not possibly the ideal handrail for use on stairs. A smaller handrail section could possibly be easier to hold on to. We can use the system on stairs but if we can, we will keep away from a raked and a stair run.

The way we implement our systems and the way our handrails are best used on slopes is between “newel” type posts and cut between them at the correct angle.

See this video for more information on how the systems are used on stairs

Full staircases:

We do not supply or manufacture full staircases and stair runs, by this is meant a complete staircase, with our system we do not have and cannot “crank” the handrails around corners nor is the system suitable for changing heights or angles that are not 90’

We do not supply or manufacture helical stair runs which are spiral stairs or curved stairs.

We are able to supply our system for some stair runs, this under certain parameters that the system can work with.

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